Her Story

Dr. Pope is the founder and CEO of Pope's Resource Center. She started the POPE TV network in August 2018. Download the POPETV app on Amazon Fire TV and Roku TV to watch Conversations with Dr. Pope interview politicians, community leaders, ministers, and entrepreneurs. She also plans to debut her documentary on Tamina, TX this year.


Dr. Pope enjoys teaching, using technology, building websites, and creating videos to enhance her classes and presentations.  Eventually, Dr. Pope's love of technology and her desire to create content for others, and her need to be a full-time entrepreneur became the foundation of Dr. Pope's media company: New Beginnings Media and Publishing Company. Dr. Pope began to film and edit more videos for her own content and quickly realized her clients also needed videography and editing services. She created Boss Ladies, a Facebook Group, and Boss Ladies Professional Network to help other female entrepreneurs grow their businesses and to provide a place for support and conversation. 

Today, Pope's Resource Center, LLC is the parent company to her television show on POPE TV YouTube,  Roku TV, and Amazon FireTV, syndicated radio show, Conversations with Dr. Pope on DFW DEN Gospel Radio Station (Mon-Sun 2:00 pm -3:00 pm),  blog, "Dr. Pope's Blog, and her podcast, "Conversations with Dr. Pope". 

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